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Pierpont Morgan Visconti Sforza Tarocchi (Tarot) Cards

Visconti Sforza tarot

This complete 78-card deck includes stunning full-color reproductions of 74 original Visconti-Sforza tarocchi cards, circa mid-15th century (Milan, Italy), plus four cards recreated to replace cards missing from the original deck.

Thirty-five of the original cards are located in the archives of the Pierpont-Morgan Library.  The remaining extant cards are divided between twenty-six cards at the Accademia Carrara, and thirteen cards at Casa Colleoni, both located in Italy.

The deck comes complete with a booklet of instructions by Stuart R. Kaplan.

Printed in Switzerland.

This is a truly special and beautiful deck, and belongs in the collection of every serious tarot enthusiast or collector. It's perfect for doing a tarot reading at a Renaissance Fair, or whenever you want to give that "medieval" and historically accurate touch to your tarot readings.







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