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There are lots of ways to learn the tarot.  Unfortunately, those little white "instruction leaflets" that come packaged with most tarot decks won't do the job.  What, then, are your options?

If you're in a large city, like New York, you can probably find a tarot class to attend.  The advantages to this are obvious; you've got a competent tarot reader right there in front of you, ready to teach and to answer your questions.

Most of us end up learning to read the tarot from books.  This is not as good as attending a class, but it is worthwhile, and there are some excellent books out there on learning to read the tarot. 

Recently, tarot instruction has also become available in other formats, including DVD and VHS.  This, again, is not as good as attending a "live" class, but it is certainly a good alternative (or supplement) to reading tarot books.

As it turns out, there are more tarot instructional VHS tapes than there are tarot DVD's.  If, like me, you've got a dual VHS/DVD player, this isn't too much of a problem.

  Most folks agree that Rider-Waite: Learning To Read the Tarot Intuitively (on the left), made in 2000, is the best tarot instruction currently available on video.

Rider-Waite" Learning to Read the Symbolism of the Tarot (on the right - looks similar, doesn't it?), is the second and, as far as we know, the last in the series.  Also made in 2000, also highly recommended.

Both are in VHS format.



  Paula Roberts' Foretelling the Future: Learn the Tarot is also VHS, and is a fine tape, especially for beginners.  It was produced in 1994.

Read Your Own Tarot is the oldest of the VHS tapes under discussion; it was made in 1988, and the production values reflect that.  Still, the content is quite worthwhile.





  Tarot & Astrology is on DVD (hooray!), and is narrated by Christopher Lee.  This is more entertainment than instruction, and of course on a 1.5 hour presentation covering both astrology and tarot, there's not much in-depth information.  But it is fun.

Last, we have The Magick of Solomon, 2nd edition.  This is not, by any means, an instructional tarot video; but it is a fascinating DVD that covers the history of Western Magick, crystal balls, and a lot more.  Don't buy this DVD to learn tarot; but do buy it if you are interested in Magick.


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