Sacred Circle Tarot

Sacred Circle Tarot


Subtitle: A Celtic Pagan JourneySacred Circle Tarot

Written by:    Anna Franklin

Illustrated by:  Paul Mason

Format:  Offered as a deck and book set

Publisher:  Llewellyn

Copyright:  1998

Suits:  Wands, Cups, Discs, Swords

Other Information: 

Images are related to Celtic Britain and Ireland's sacred sites.  Names of some major arcana cards are consequently changed; for example, the number 5 major arcana card, which is The Hierophant in the Rider-Waite Tarot, is "The Druid" in the Sacred Circle Tarot.

Minor arcana cards have one word meanings on the cards, in English.  For example on the 7 of Swords, the card reads "Diplomacy" at the top of the card and "7 of Swords" at the bottom of the card.



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Sacred Circle Tarot